A designer and artist whose background is in-between the Nordic and the East. Anton grew up in the heart of Helsinki near the Baltic Sea. His grandmother fled from Karelia to Helsinki during the Second World War.


Anton Leivo has a curious mind for the world, and in his work, he uses traditional goldsmithing techniques with the latest technology. From 3D modeling and printing to blockchain technology, Leivo works to combine craftsmanship with innovation.


As an independent artist, he creates fashion and modern jewelry for display in his Mood Palace concept. The Mood Palace is a design studio and a mindset where Leivo explores shapes, ideas, and dreams to create something new and beautiful.


Mood Palace gives birth to immortal, modern, and soulful art pieces, blending the richness of Eastern art with the simplicity of Nordic design.


Anton Leivo’s mission is to bring imagination, playfulness, and curiosity into the world of quality art. He aims to create accessible designs that offer a personal experience to people.


In 2022, The Rasmus participated in the Eurovision song contest wearing Anton Leivo’s jewelry.


Join this journey by entering Anton Leivo’s palace.