Designer bracelets from The Swarm collection draw inspiration from myths, lore, stories, and poetry. A distinguished style that is unique to Anton Leivo and reflects the barren beauty of the Nordics. These Irons are light yet fluent and vivid, bendy and quick, airy, intensely elegant—like gusts of wind. A column of air that elevates, raises, pushes, and pulls. A feather inside a tornado. The calm before the storm.

The Nether Irons are designer bracelets that are part of the Nether Amulets:

Amulet of Harmony, Amulet of Unity, and Amulet of Solo

Power flows through the amulets.

The Underworld Irons are designer bracelets that are part of the Underworld Envoys:

Herald, Sentry, and Sleeper

Envoys are a source of power.

A Closer look into the bracelets

Irons Bracelets—a series of six different design bracelets.
Each with its touch of magic. 


Harmony Irons

Yellow and black stripes, sharp jaws, and a light design unite the Harmony Amulet and the Iron.
A splash of feminine sensitivity mixed with the well-controlled coolness of the Nordic. Harmony Irons is as light and elusive as the subtle flight of a bee. It buzzes, vibrates, and is full of life that thrives and shines with self-assured control.

A small amount of calmness, serenity, and peace of mind radiates from the Harmony Irons. Once completed with other pieces, the amulet’s powers will multiply.




Unity Irons

A heavy bite and spiky teeth unite the Amulet of Unity and Iron. Crystal clear gemstones soften the pronounced design. The look draws inspiration from ice shards or the sensation of splashes from an ice river on the skin. This union is clear, bright, icy, and lucid.
A small amount of progress, cohesion, and achievement radiates from the Unity Irons. Once completed with other pieces, the amulet’s powers will multiply.




Solo Irons

The curvy shape, the fly icon, and the dark red color unite the Amulet of Solo and the Iron. The wavy design draws inspiration from the fly’s sparkling flight. It mixes organic, aloof, uncontrolled shapes with decorative stone settings. Is there a more unbound and independent traveler than a curious fly? The wild and spontaneous flight of the bracelet creates an aura of mystery.
A small amount of confidence, spontaneity, and independence radiates from the Solo Irons. The power of the amulet increases when pieced together with other parts of the amulet.




Herald Irons

The design of the messenger’s beak unites the messenger and Iron. Accurate, sharp, insightful, alert. In the wind flows the voice of the Messenger’s clairvoyance. Listen closely and experience the vivid landscape of the world firsthand. Shapes, patterns, voices, colors, and ideas will ignite from the fusion of creativity.

The Herald Irons is weakly radiating clairvoyance, which the Herald embodies.



Sentry Irons

The Sentry’s mounded surface pattern connects the Messenger and the Iron. Fluid but sturdy. Flexible but reliable. Generous but solid. Confident but secure. Sentry Irons protect us from what we are not yet ready to face. It waits for the right moment to meet us in the middle of the road—a patient spirit in the form of an Envoy.

The Sentry Irons display a glint of the spiritual armor the Sentry represents.


Sleeper Irons

The Sleeper’s tentacles connect the Messenger and the Iron. These tentacles take a firm grip on the reality in which this dream has power over us. Sleepers’ dreams are running sensations or fleeting memories. The Envoy guides us through the looking glass of visions, dreams, and the secrets of our hidden desires. The last mysterious landscape for curious explorers in an upside-down world.
Sleeper Irons conveys a weak sense of the subconscious awakening symbolized by the Sleeper.