Plain ice fields, dry tundra, and an expressionless raw passion from the world’s high north give spark to these designer earrings. A snowstorm rises from the horizon. Carrying a crisp, calculated, icy, powerful, independent, and yet untouched, unmarked, impeccable finale. Amassing snowfall and forming ice shards. The wonder of the infinite possibilities of the universe. A straight path to eternity.

The Nether Links are designer earrings that are part of the Nether Amulets:

Amulet of Harmony, Amulet of Unity, and Amulet of Solo

Power flows through the amulets.

The Underworld Links are designer earrings that are part of the Underworld Envoys:

Herald, Sentry, and Sleeper

Envoys are a source of power.

A Closer look into the earrings

Link Earrings—a series of six different pairs of design earrings.
Each with its touch of magic.

Harmony Links

The spiral shape of the bee’s antenna connects the Harmony Amulet and the Links. Harmony Links act as conductors of moods, emotions, and signals, picking up vibrations along the way. These earrings capture the sensitivity of the outer and inner worlds.
 A small amount of calmness, serenity, and peace of mind radiates from the Harmony Links. Once completed with other pieces, the amulet’s powers will multiply.

Unity Links

A spiky shell and a stinging bite connects the Amulet of Unity and the Links. Bold, dangerous, edgy, risky, sharp. Sometimes achievements demand bold and risky decisiveness.
 A small amount of progress, cohesion, and achievement radiates from the Unity Links. Once completed with other pieces, the amulet’s powers will multiply.

Solo Links

The organic shape, the red, and the fly icon connects the Amulet of Solo and the Links. The fly can fly straight or in an asymmetrical pattern to freedom. Yet, it’s the embodiment of independence, freedom, and courage.
 A small amount of confidence, spontaneity, and independence radiates from the Solo Links. Once completed with other pieces, the amulet’s powers will multiply.

Herald Links

The chain links of the Herald connect the Envoy and the Links. A message of inner wisdom shines brightly, softly, and sharply from Herald Links. It is a chance to hear the world with pin-sharp clarity. A voice at the beginning, supportive and intimate. What secret signs will the messenger of knowledge reveal?

The Herald Links reflect weakly on the clairvoyance that the Herald embodies.

Sentry Links

The chain links and a mounded surface pattern connect the Sentry and the Links. These wavy, aloof, organic, and asymmetrical links are a bridge between mental and physical fortitude. Spiritual armor is a guide for inner strength. At the halfway point, the Sentry waits for a chance to make an impact. The messenger of patience operates discreetly and influences others from a distance.

The Sentry Links have a glimmer of the spiritual armor the Sentry embodies.

Sleeper Links

Tentacles and red-tinged colors unite the Sleeper and the Links. Imagination hooks to physical designs in the dreamlike world. It is the underworld from which the waking world and the dream world intermingle. Both the beginning and the end. These links will ground the subconsciousness into reality. The design is about twisting and turning and being aware of the world.

 The Sleeper Links transmit the subconscious awakening embodied by the Sleeper.