The need for expression without limits gives rise to organic shapes, patterns and symmetry, octopus tentacles, and insect aesthetics. They connect and secure the body like the binding forces of tree roots. Sand between the fingers, like salt. Soil is the connecting force between past and future memories. Eternity in a lifetime. A spectrum of rough and soft, light and dark, hot and cold. It is a contrasting style for the curious.

The Nether Solums are designer rings that are part of the Nether Amulets:

Amulet of Harmony, Amulet of Unity, and Amulet of Solo

Power flows through the amulets.

The Underworld Solums are designer rings that are part of the Underworld Envoys:

Herald, Sentry, and Sleeper

Envoys are a source of power.


A Closer look into the rings

Solum Rings—a series of six different design rings.
Each with its touch of magic.

Harmony Solum

Sharp jaws and an antenna-like frame unite the Harmony Amulet and the Base. Queen bee and a deep heaviness of metal. The ring is full of smoothness and sharpness, like the choreography of the dance language of bees.

A small amount of calmness, serenity, and peace of mind radiates from the Harmony Solum. Once completed with other pieces, the amulet’s powers will multiply.

Unity Solum

Heavy jaws, a spiky bite, and an antenna-like frame unite the Unity Amulet and the Base. The largest and bulkiest in the series, the Unity Solum, has the most masculine and dominant feel of the rings. Unity Solum, with its sharp edges, curvy curves, thick material density, glossy surfaces, and huge dimensions, still maintains a smooth appearance and feel.

A small amount of progress, cohesion, and achievement is radiating from the Unity Solum. Once completed with other pieces, the amulet’s powers will multiply.

Solo Solum

The dark red color, the organic design, and the fly icon unite the Solo Amulet and the Solum. This hidden, rare, high-flying fly icon travels on Solo Solum to remind us of the chances, experiences, and opportunities all around us. Solo journeys, freedom, success, experience, missions, and expeditions.

A small amount of confidence, spontaneity, and independence radiate from the Solo Solum. Once completed with other pieces, the amulet’s powers will multiply.

Herald Solum

The chain links connect the Herald and the Base. This link hides under a striking synthetic sapphire. The Herald is the envoy of messages, speech, songs, and poetry, and an emissary between the known and the unknown. Bringing light into the darkness at the first gate.

The Herald Solum emits a weak clairvoyance, which this envoy embodies.

Sentry Solum

The chain links and the mounded surface pattern connect the Sentry and the Base. The link is now concealed by three black spinels. These stones create a protective shield as if to protect the world. Being patiently in the right place at the right time—in the middle of the road. The Sentry covers all objects with protective energy.

The Sentry Solum has a glimmer of the Sentry’s spiritual armor.

Sleeper Solum

Tentacles and red-tinged colors unite the Sleeper and the Base. Watery, murky, dreamy, distant, grandiose. Sleepers awaken where the Sleeper wanderers. The inspiration for the Sleeper comes from the deepest depths of dreams. It is the deepest and last of the oceans. The ring wraps itself around something precious, rare, complex, and mysterious – as if it has a secret.

The Sleeper Solum radiates a faint scent of the subconscious awakening that the envoy Sleeper embodies.