The Swarm collection features imaginative, thoughtful, and artfully crafted jewelry. Rich in detail and confident in its message, the collection was born from imagination, creativity, joy, and curiosity.

The collection draws inspiration from the quiet colossal beauty of the Nordic hemisphere, which we adore at the Mood Palace. The intense midnight sun. A night without darkness. A day without light. A metamorphosis of the extremes.

There is a world between a luminous sunrise and waning dusk. It is where seekers thrive for signs of change. Where fabricated scenery becomes a lesson in beauty, like a nymph that turns into a butterfly.

Jewel after jewel. The collection flies out into the world like a swarm of bees collecting nectar. It is a collection of 24 magical jewels. Nether Masks, Underworld Guises, Solum Rings, Link Earrings, and Iron Bracelets. When all the parts of the right pieces swarm, they create an amulet—or summon an envoy.

An Amulet is an instrument to channel energy from another dimension.

Power flows through amulets.

An envoy is an embodiment of the hidden—a force transformed into matter.

Envoys are a source of power.

The Swarm finds its mood in a story about a descent into an intricate world of imagination. It is an adventure into the subconscious and an exciting journey through the unknown.



Origins of the Swarm collection


In 2017, Anton Leivo studied design in Jerusalem, where he had the idea of portraying insects as jewelry. He had never traveled to the Middle East. The culture shock was massive and all around him. The buildings, the number of people, language, scenery, design, colors, and language were different and exciting.

Anton felt he was a tiny bug—a cockroach in a large city ready to be stepped over. He was on the lookout, crawling the streets for something he did not know beforehand. The realization of moods and feelings around and in him led Anton to the idea of combining jewelry and insects. Insects’ transformation, metamorphosis, change, and rebirth were subconscious messages for Anton and were where his obsession-like fascination came from. These intertwined concepts are what Anton finds fascinating and needs in his personal life.

In his mind’s eye, Anton had seen the fascinating, intricate, colorful, shiny, metallic, rare, and different possibilities for these features to shine on insects. He could portray jewelry in a new, interesting, and unusual way.

The idea lay dormant for a few years before the possibility awakened to act. In 2019, Anton teamed up with a colleague to exhibit at Munchen’s jewelry week. A prestigious art convention for jewelry. Then Corona happened. Fast forward three years to the summer of 2022.

July in Munchen was fresh, vibrant, and friendly. A city full of culture, heritage, and possibilities. Three years of hard work culminated in Munchen Jewelry Week. Bloom 22 was the largest of the three insect-themed exhibitions that the team had.

Nether Amulets’ powers and hidden Underworld Envoys

Amulet of Harmony reflects calmness, serenity, and peace of mind

Amulet of Unity reflects progress, cohesion, and achievement

Amulet of Solo reflects confidence, spontaneity, and independence

Underworld Envoy Herald is the envoy of clairvoyance

Underworld Envoy Sentry is the envoy of spiritual armor

Underworld Envoy Sleeper is the envoy of subconsciousness